9ème édition
3 ET 4 NOVEMBRE 2020
Porte de Versailles

Le salon des solutions et applications mobiles



Stand H15

TachyonIQ is unmatched in its ability to decode complex barcode symbologies of virtually any quality, on virtually any surface, without fail.
In fact, our software solutions deliver industry-leading read rates for over 40 types of 1D, 2D, composite, postal, and direct part mark barcodes, as well as enable rapid government identification, GS1, and UDI parsing.
Our software also facilitates easy, rapid barcode capture from any angle and is designed to compensate for less than ideal barcode and environmental conditions.
• Simply the fastest & most innovative barcode scanning software available
• Processes more barcode symbologies faster than any competitor
• Easily decodes poor quality, damaged and even curved barcodes
• Integrates with any device and its embedded camera
• SDK compatibility with any operating system

Activité : Autres industries

Effectif : de 50 à 199 salariés

Coordonnées :

12393 S Gateway Park Place
84020 DRAPER
United States

Site web : tachyoniq.com